Emerging Youth Advisory Council Meeting



October 15, 2018              9:00 AM              City Hall

1.              Call to Order

The Emerging Youth Advisory Council was called to order at 9:00 a.m. in the City Commission Chambers at 620 East Main Street, Haines City, Fl. 33844.


Council member attendance was Dorian McCollough.


Adult volunteer member in attendance was Veronica Ogbeifun.


City staff in attendance was Grace Malpartida, Secretary to the City Commission, and City Clerk, and Linda Bourgeois, City Clerk.

2.              Community Service Project Discussion

The Community Service Project was discussed.


Dorian McCollough retrieved logos from the internet of the sponsors to make a banner.  Evan Martin of Development Services came down to the City Commission Chambers to assist in making the template for the banner.

3.              Finalization of Plans

A discussion ensued about what was still needed for the event.


It was agreed that Veronica would reach out to Kentucky Fried Chicken and Sonny's Barbecue to see if they would donate lunch.


Dorian McCollough made some additional phone calls to sponsors and secured one donation.

4.              Banners

The draft banner was constructed and is ready for finalization, printing, and laminating.

5.              Board Discussion

The group discussed the projects for the day and the amount of people needed on each project.


There is anticipated to be approximately 60 volunteers.


Team 1 - Painting the exterior of the building - 20 people

Team 2 - Mulch and Beautification Crew - 6 People

Team 3 - Carpet Ball table rehabilitation - 4-6 people (2 tables)

Team 4 - Electrical light installation - 2 people

Team 5 - Television installations - 2 people

Team 6 - Door installation - 2 people

Team 7 - Painting the interior of the Boys restroom - 3 people

Team 8 - Painting the interior of the Girls restroom - 3 people

Team 9 - Cleaning of the interior - 10-20 people

6.              Adjournemnt

At 12:00 p.m., the Emerging Youth Advisory Council meeting was adjourned.






























Linda Bourgeois

City Clerk