Evaluation Committee Ranking Meeting



June 22, 2018              9:00 AM              Commission Chambers

1.              Call to Order

Information Technology Director Brian Ross called to order the RFP 180521 Lake Eva A/V Upgrade Phase 2 meeting on Friday, June 22, 2018 at 9:15 a.m. in the City Commission Chambers located at 620 E. Main Street, Haines City, FL.


In attendance: Parks Superintendent Lamar Cliett, Parks and Recreation Director Terrell Griffin, Systems Network Admin 2 Jose Alcaron, and Event Coordinator Lekia Johnson.


Staff in attendance: Information Technology Director Brian Ross and Deputy City Clerk Erica Anderson.

2.              RFP 180521 Lake Eva A/V Upgrade Phase 2

Director Ross opened up the meeting for general discussion.


Parks Superintendent Cliett stated that TIF [The Integration Factory] had an required attachment that needs notarized. He went on to say that he did not see anything from BCI that stated the time frame for the maintenance agreement, other than it would take a minimum of one (1) year. He went on to inquire if the committee would be okay with using the old speakers, or if it would be more advisable to replace them with new ones.


Network Admin Alcaron stated the current speakers without an amplifier is of poor quality, to  save time and money in the future, it would be advisable to purchase new ones. However, the suggested 15 speakers from TIF, per room, would not be necessary. Perhaps (6) or (8) in the back of the room to avoid distortion.


Director Ross advised the committee that Options 1, 2, and 4 on both the event center and the park in regards to cost are off the table. He said the only option is, option 3 for both parts at this time, there is a little over $40,000 for the event center and about $51,000 for the park. There would be  about $9,000.00 needed for conduit and materials.


Director Ross stated option 3, BCI is $1,500.00 under budget for the event center and $9,800.00 under budget for the park. The Integration Factory is $11,000.00 over budget for the event center, and $3,500.00 over budget for the park.


Parks Superintendent Cliett inquired about option 3, he said,  from the materials list it appears BCI is going to replace 2 amplifiers and TIF 1 amplifier and will this be sufficient.


Discussion surround the need for the speakers and amplifiers, the locations, amounts, and prices needed.


Director Griffin stated, BCI is the most attractive and under budget, however, if were not getting what we need, perhaps we could have BCI add more speakers. He went on to say that TIF seemed to be a competent company.


The only concern with BCI is the amount of speakers and the


Concerning maintenance, TIF comes out once a month to check on the equipment, BCI has a 24 hour response time.


Director Griffin inquired as to who is responsible for the? 25:32


discussion concerning the 15 speakers on ledwith.


Change orders are foreseeable in the future with the project.


Director Griffin stated he would rather not cut any corners.


After much discussion the selection committee ranked each company;


BCI- received an average score of 74.25


TIF- received an average score of 86.5


The Committee came to a consensus TIF will be the selected bid to go before the City Commission on the July 5th 2018 meeting.

3.              Selection Committee Comments

There was no further discussion from the committee.

4.              Adjournment

Without any further business the Selection Committee was adjourned at 10:10 a.m.






























Linda Bourgeois

City Clerk