City Commission Town Hall



April 12, 2018              5:30 PM              Haines City Community Center

1.              Call to Order

At 5:40 p.m. Commissioner Horace West 0called the City Commission Town Hall meeting to order in the Haines City Community Center located at 555 Ledwith Ave. Haines City, Florida.


Commissioner Anne Huffman, and Commissioner Horace West were in attendance. Mayor H.L. Roy Tyler, Vice Mayor Morris West and Commissioner Don Mason were excused.


Also in attendance were the following staff members: City Attorney Fred Reilly, Chief Timothy Mossgrove, Lieutenant Gabriel Garcia and Deputy City Clerk Erica Anderson.

2.              Pledge of Alleigance

Commissioner West led the Pledge of Allegiance.

3.              Public Comments

Commissioner West addressed the audience and thanked them for their attendance, he explained to the audience the procedural process anticipated for the Town Hall meeting. Audience questions, comments, concerns, or requests for information will be recorded and answered within a document prepared by the City Manager's office. This document will then be posted on the website and available for public inspection.


Commissioner Huffman welcomed then public and thanked them for coming out. She Informed them she would be holding "lunch and learns with Commissioner Huffman" for more intimate gatherings with the public. She said the City Clerk's office will announce the dates. 


The following individuals came forward to speak with the City Commission:


1. Heather Brewer - 231 S. 1st street

Her concerns are with the speeding on 1st street and public safety, there are no sidewalks to use and people have to walk in the street, she requested speed bumps and sidewalks to be installed.


2. Rocio (Rosie) Alonso and Miguel Carrasco - 234 S. 1st Street

Speeding on 1st street concerned about safety of the children and residents due to speeding, she requested speed bumps be put in.


3. Paul Dublino - 7002 Sunburst St.

On behalf of the Home Owners Association, his concerns are for safety and no stop signs on Patterson Grove Dr., parking, speeding and parking blocking the sidewalks. Also because of the speeding on 10th street and Patterson road he would like to see speed bumps utilized and speed enforcement. Also, parking and sidewalks are of concern, with no sidewalks children must play in the road. He suggested off duty police officers conduct patrols. 


4. Sharon Garrett

Would like for the next Town Hall meeting to be in an area with more parking. Also, the water fountain pressure in the community center is low. She talked about the four way stop was to have flashing lights that never went up and would like to know what happened. The sidewalks on 30th st. on the west side of the road owned by the school board , she asked to re-open Robinson drive with the saved impact fees for roads. She also spoke about dumping on Baker Dairy Rd. and the positioning of the stop light on Polk City Rd.


5.Camiea Manning - 1411 Valencia Ct.- 863-289-3775

Questioned why the Haines City Police Dept. is dispatched through the Polk County Sheriff's Office. The noise and shooting from Nemo's bar conflicts with the noise ordinance in Haines City. She said between the  hours of 10-2 a.m. there are 4-wheeler and dirt bikes being driven by the railroad tracks. She stated 10th and Bates needs monitoring for safety and asked who fixes the railroad tracks? Lastly, What agencies were notified about the program  that Trinity received the vacant lots from?


6. Kimberly Downing

Expressed concerns about the trash being left in the road after trash pick-up and debris not being picked up. She asked how often is community clean-up and when is wood debris picked up by the city?  Further, she expressed her concerns about Polk County Sheriff's office harassment of residents, her son in particular.


7. Loretta Cox

Asked for sidewalks for Boone Middle School. She talked about the trash cans being placed in the street instead of back on residents property. Also, the sweeping of only avenues and no streets.


8. Dorothy

Spoke about street lights in the neighborhood not working, people sitting in the middle of the road on MLK talking. 

4.              Adjournment

At 8:02pm the Town Hall meeting was adjourned.






























Linda Bourgeois

City Clerk