Bid Opening Meeting



July 2, 2018              1:00 PM              Commission Chambers

1.              Call to Order

At 1:00 p.m., Information Technology Director Brian Ross opened the pre-bid meeting for lot clearing.


City Clerk Linda Bourgeois, Code Compliance Supervisor Steve Shifley, and Information Technology Director Brian Ross were in attendance.

2.              RFQ 180618 Prebid Lot Clearing

There was one member in the audience. Jessie Marion Jr., President of K & J Enterprises, asked about the purpose of the financial disclosure form and where he should go to obtain the document.


Director Ross explained this was a document prepared by a financial institution that showed the financial status of the company.


Mr. Marion asked about the insurance, if it was a letter that was required or what were the details needed.


Director Ross said before being able to proceed with any work, the vendor would have to provide the city with proof of insurance. He went on to explain the process and options for submitting a sealed bid to Mr. Marion.

3.              Adjournment

At 1:04 p.m., Information Technology Director Ross adjourned the pre-bid meeting.






























Linda Bourgeois

City Clerk